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about zero to pro


Zero To Pro was originally conceived as the JSP (The Jerusalem School of Photography), back in 2010. It was created by Shmuel as a potential solution to find talented professional photographers to assist him in his blossoming event photography business.

It was a physical class for women only and it took place weekly in SD's basement in Jerusalem. Humble beginnings indeed!

The course needed to be as streamlined as possible so as to train potential photographers in minimal time. The initial results were fantastic and in no time SD was spoilt for choice for event photographers, editors, assistants, and album designers. As a result, SD's business, "Diamond Images Fine-Art Event Photography" flourished!

The syllabus was refined and the results the students were consistently achieving became more and more impressive. With such results, the JSP became a business unto itself.

In 2014, SD rebranded his photography business to "Shmuel Diamond Photography Ltd." The school was also rebranded and continued to flourish.

In 2017, SD made the "virtual" jump and converted his highly effective photography training program into the online school you see before you!


At the time, ZTP was the only online photography school catering to the sensitivities of the global orthodox Jewish community. With a lot of hard work, creative thinking, and endless refinements, the effectiveness of SD's "online" teaching system went from strength to strength and the results and feedback speak for themselves! We currently (2022) have just under 2000 enrolled students, 100's of whom have successfully opened up their own businesses and many more are just plain enjoying the gift of being able to snap professional pictures of family and friends.

To quote one of our students, the sentiments of which have been echoed by many others!

"I see my dreams becoming reality. Thanx soooo much!"

the metamorphosis 




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