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(This webinar is for EVERYONE who loves photography)

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Take It Up A Notch!


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SUNDAY, Feb 27 @ 2PM (EST)


Sunday, Feb 27 @ 2 PM EST


Your Host


Shmuel Diamond

International Wedding & Portrait Photographer with over 10 years of Photography Teaching Experience

Here is What you will Learn in this FREE Live Class


Get your Pictures Critiqued Live and learn MUCH more than just tips & tricks! SD now commits himself to critiquing ALL the images uploaded so every attendee gets the first-hand experience of having their picture professionally analyzed by SD himself!


How to use Adobe Lightroom to make Quick & Easy edits that turn mediocre images into masterpieces!


How to pose your subjects in a natural and flattering way that will score you compliment after compliment!


Learn the visual way as SD shows you before and after images that demonstrate foundational rules and laws that you can implement immediately!


Get a glimpse into the mind of a renowned master photographer. See the world through his eyes and hear his thought process when he is looking through his viewfinder!

The webinar was ttly amazing!!!! I gained so much and had so much fun!! thankyou to the ztp team for pulling this off as only you can!!!



This webinar was everything i was looking for plus more!!  It was chock full of advice, tips and so much more! Looking forward to many more


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